Newman LLP distinguishes itself from other firms because of our win rate and ability to handle complex matters at a competitive fee. We do this through better writing, team work, and technology.

Our writing is better.

We place a higher value on written work than most firms. Our lawyers study legal writing in formal programs throughout their careers. Ask lawyers outside Newman LLP when they last took a legal-writing class. You can bet it was many years ago in law school. Ask us. The answer is usually “within the last year.”

Most of our cases are in federal court, where battles are usually won or lost based on written filings. Our goal is always to win the case before trial. We often do. Usually, this is through summary judgment—when key facts aren’t in dispute the court can decide the case without trial. We’ve routinely won summary judgment in cases where other firms thought it impossible. As a result, our clients can avoid the expense, uncertainty, and stress of trial.

Because superior written work is key to winning, we start early. For critical motions, we prepare a summary-judgment draft very early in the case. We edit and refine it as the case develops, and we tailor discovery to the draft. This ensures the best work based on established facts, which other firms can’t achieve in the limited time they spend drafting. Because courts usually decide motions based on writing, we have the advantage.

For transactional work, our agreements and policies are drafted by an experienced lawyer, and reviewed by another. This ensures the most understandable, enforceable, and comprehensive documents.

Our team work is better.

Our team works together in ways other firms can’t or don’t. Our lawyers meet weekly to review every case, including yours. We don’t charge for this. By bringing together over a dozen experienced lawyers, we find creative and effective strategies that one or two lawyers alone might not. If our firm were smaller or larger, this wouldn’t be possible. But we’re in the sweet spot. Big enough for the largest cases. Small enough to stay focused and agile.

Newman LLP lawyers don’t have billable-hour requirements and don’t compete to bill more hours. We work together for the best, most efficient result.

Our rates are better.

Our fees are less than most lawyers with similar experience. We’re not cheap. But if you compare our experience and win rates with other lawyers, you’ll find we have lower fees. Where appropriate, we offer contingent, fixed, and success-based fees.

We offer a real distinction.

The other firms will tell you they offer exceptional service. They return phone calls promptly. All good lawyers do. Other lawyers will tell you “we prepare for trial from day 1” and “we work back from closing argument to plan our case.” That’s not unique. All good lawyers do that. Most law firms are interchangeable. We’re different. We generally win earlier than they do with excellent writing before trial. And we work better as a team, using technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency. When necessary, we’re prepared for trial and have trial experience. But usually the case is over before trial. That’s how we win.